From Quito to Cuenca, Otavalo to the Galapagos, and much more.  Looking for beautiful beaches, mountains, culture, or glacial climbing? Ecuador has it.

Five Things to Do in ECUADOR
Ecuador has much to offer.  We used up almost our entire three-month visa before moving on to Peru.  Still, it
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Do it on a budget by day-tripping, or upscale it a little with a cruise

Galapagos Seal Lions
Aww-Dorable Sea Lions and Sharks in Galapagos
When someone yells, Shark! while swimming, normally people get out of the water.  So I had to laugh at the irony
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Galapagos Sunset
Look for the Boobies! The Galapagos Islands
Years ago, watching a documentary on the Galapagos Islands, I was enamored with the idea of an isolated place with
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Galapagos Iguanas and Sharks
Day-Tripping in Galapagos
On our eighth and final day of our Floreana cruise we looped around the island called Daphne Major, twice.  What
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Quilotoa Crater
Quilotoa Loop: Scrambling on the Edge
The Quilotoa Loop is a remote trail linking several high Andean villages and towns in the Cotopaxi province. The ancient
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Fear and a Wrong Turn: Otavalo, Ecuador
I was scared, I was really scared.  I never wanted to be the novice hiker that needed to be rescued. 
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So don’t forget to bring a great pair of hiking boots. These are my favorite!


Some things in South America may feel strange at first.  They are new, or maybe not something you are used to, but after a while, they too can become normal.

Country dogs wanting a snack
When the Strange Becomes Normal: South American Travel
The first time we see something new, it sometimes seems strange.  Isolated groups of people often see the rest of
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Boris has such an inspiring life story. He and his wife are the visionaries behind the Dunamis Foundation. They help young girls who have been rescued from human trafficking live meaningful lives.  Our time with them motivated us to monetize this blog and donate 100% of the net proceeds to their foundation.

Quito Street, life on the street
Life on the Streets in Ecuador
Seventeen Years Ago The cold night air seemed to reach to the bone and the boy’s entire body shivers.  He
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Guerrillas on a Dark Foggy Night: A Nightmare Remembered
The fire crackles behind me. It is chilly and the night is dark and quiet. Light emanates from the TV
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Ecuador has even more!

Be sure to research and don’t miss out on Baños, the center for adventure.
Climb Mt. Chimborazo even as a newbie, or take part in an Amazon experience.

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