The Flinders: Redefining a Mountain

Viewpoint from the drive around the Flinders Range looking into the red center of Australia

When I think of mountains I think of peaks that take a full day or more of trekking to reach, like the Santa Cruz Trek located in the Andes. There the thin air at 15,000 feet made breathing difficult and the elevation caused my stomach to feel queasy. The views were unparalleled. We trampled through snow … Read more

The Long Desolate Road Across the Nullarbor

A view from the Nullarbor road

Two roads converge into one seemingly endless stretch of bitumen that connects the east to the west across the bottom of the continent of Australia. One road with no intersections, no mountains to climb, no major curves for 1,203 km (748 miles). That’s longer than the drive from Washington DC to Florida. NEW FEATURE! Listen to … Read more

Sinkholes with Gardens: The Limestone Coast

Umpherstone Sinkhole in Mt Gambier in South Australia

The temperature on the dashboard reads 40°C Degrees (104°F). Thankfully it is not accompanied by the suffocating nature of humidity. This is a dry heat, the kind that warms all the way to the bone. It feels good. I love the feel of dry heat. Dry heat is also deceptive. It steals hydration from the … Read more

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