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Our site, 43BlueDoors, tells stories of travel through the eyes of Trin and Bonnie, a nomadic couple from the United States. Its purpose is to bring the beauty of the world to your doorstep and help you live life outside the box by experiencing other cultures through stories. We started as budget backpackers exploring South America. Now, as we explore Australia, we live in a Toyota Coaster bus we lovingly call Lil’ Beaut.

We tell stories about the places we visit. We provide some travel tips like how we spent less than $5,000 each for our first year of travel and how we saved enough for our lifestyle.

Our articles contain links to products that we use and love. Some links bring in a small commission if products are purchased at those links. All net proceeds are donated to non-profit organizations dedicated to helping young girls rescued from human trafficking find freedom and new opportunities in this beautiful world. Last year, 43BlueDoors paid for a year of college for one rescued girl.

We are honored to have you as our reader and follower. We hope that you enjoy our stories as much as we enjoy living and telling them, and more importantly, that you’ll open your own blue doors to the adventures that await you.

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We Support Freedom

We cherish our freedom and want to share a bit of that with others who have had it stolen from them. During our travel through Ecuador, we had the privilege of working with the Dunamis Foundation. Dunamis is dedicated to helping young girls rescued from human trafficking. They provide classes to help the girls learn new life skills while providing them with a safe place to live until they are of age and ready for independence.

Boris, the founder and visionary of Dunamis, had a rough start himself. Read about his near capture by the Colombian guerrillas and his life on the streets as a boy. Clicking on any product links on this blog and purchasing something (even if it is not the product listed) in that session will provide a small commission to 43BlueDoors. 

All net proceeds from this site go to the support of girls rescued from human trafficking.

Note: If you click on our product links, 43BlueDoors will receive a small commission on anything you purchase within that session- at no additional cost to you. 43BlueDoors donates all net proceeds to support freedom for young girls rescued from human trafficking.

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