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The purpose of 43BlueDoors is to bring the beauty of the world to your doorstep and help you live life outside the box by experiencing other cultures through stories.

It’s all about freedom.

Freedom in the way we think by understanding others who live differently. Freedom from hate by listening to others. Some articles are focused on encouraging financial freedom by thinking about money differently. Each article is written to build the wonder of the world and encourage others to take their next door of opportunity.

Interview with Travel is Life

Travel is Life Interview with Bonnie Truax 43 Blue Doors

Interview on the ChooseFI Radio Podcast

Cover photo for Interview on ChooseFI

Interview with Eric Richard from Nomad on FIRE

Interview with Albatros Expeditions

After traveling to Antarctica with guides from the Albatros expedition team they requested an interview from a traveler to this beautiful pristine continent.

Cover for the Interview with Albatros Expeditions

Interview with Women Who Money

In this interview by Women Who Money, Bonnie shares her story about her path to financial freedom and the mistakes she made along the way. She also provides encouragement to women.

Interview with Women Who Money skip fear

Interview on the 2 Frugal Dudes Podcast

Kevin and Sean at 2 Frugal Dudes interviewed Bonnie and Trinity to discuss affordable world travel, the challenges of traveling, ATM safety and how to avoid ATM fees in this fun, easygoing interview.

Logo for 2FrugalDudes

Interview on JimJim’s Reinvention Revolution

Jim interviewed Bonnie about how she reinvented her life. From working a full-time corporate job to selling everything and traveling the world was a huge change, but it was a series of small choices.  Read more about change and reinventing your life.

Jim Jim Album cover with Trinity a lama and Bonnie

Profiled on the MNIH Making It Happen motivational Facebook Page

Interview with Makin it happen

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