Salt of the Earth: Australia’s NSW South Coast

Bride standing among basalt lava by the Kiama coast line

Kangaroo Valley The sun had just pulled away its final rays and the night was quiet, surprisingly quiet given the number of other campers in this park. So we were startled when the entire bus began to rock back and forth accompanied by a loud sawing sound from the back of Lil’ Beaut. Trin and … Read more

Where the Forest Ends and Worms Glow: Sydney & Surrounds

Trin walking among fern trees near the glow worm tunnel in the Sydney area

We turned down a dusty road and moved slowly forward over the corrugated surface. Trin maneuvered Lil’ Beaut around large potholes and grooves on the side of the road.   A few kilometers in, the road began to narrow and climb. I hoped we would not encounter another vehicle coming down the mountain. There were no … Read more

Drought and the Weeping Rocks: New South Wales

Trin in the opening of a sandstone cave in Country New South Wales Australia

The sky is yellow with dust and the flies pester every living thing. A tractor sits idle on a barren field just on the other side of the river, one of the few here in NSW that we have seen with actual flowing water.  Many of the streams and rivers are recognized only by their … Read more

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