The Edge of the World: North West Tasmania

Promenade by Marc and Debbie Spijkerbosh "Stepping into an artistic promenade - a journey of discovery and inspiration where natures's beauty surrounds us."

The Edge of the World lies on a rocky windswept coast and we were headed to its stormy shore. But first, we made a few stops along the way. Penguin, Tasmania Along the north coast of Tasmania is a town called Penguin, aptly named for the many penguins that nest in the area. The tuxedo-clad … Read more

Tasmania Wilderness

Waterfall in the Mt Fields National Park. In the Tasmanian Wilderness area

The Tasmania wilderness area is the largest conservation area in Australia covering almost 20% of Tasmania. This area also contains one of the few temperate rain-forests in the world. Our first excursion after purchasing Lil’ Beaut was into the wilderness area of Tasmania. Mt. Fields National Park Moss covered the forest floor and its fallen … Read more

Painted Cliffs and Other Wonders of the Tasmanian East Coast

Painted cliffs with white and red circles of color in the stone

The Tasmanian east coast is rife with white sand beaches, turquoise water, and rock formations that defy logic. Painted cliffs and royal monoliths stand perpendicular to the raging waves, temperate rain forests with fern trees and abundant wildlife adorn her small island mass. Tasmania is a place that I could stay for ages and still not … Read more

Tasmania East Coast, Bruny Island

Bruny Light House and the cliffs surrounding her

Tasmania has at times left me speechless and at other times brought tears to my eyes with her beauty. She is more than I ever expected her to be. Admittedly, all I knew of her before I came here was of a cartoon devil from Loony Tunes that swirled in circles and had a short … Read more

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