Saying Goodbye to more than just a year

Lil' Beaut parked in the red center of Australia

As of December 31st, 2020 we have been nomads for 1,546 days. Over four years of moving, exploring, and living minimally. It is a constant act of saying goodbye to people, places, and things. But it is also a continual welcoming of the new. Today was one of those goodbyes, this time to Lil’ Beaut, … Read more

Life in a Bus

Our Toyota Coaster Lil' Beaut camped in the town of Wollomombi as the sun sets

“Whooowee!” a child from across the river yelled. “Whooowee!” an echo from our side answered. I thought it was just Dundee that did that, but I guess it’s common here. We were camped at Pebble Beach beside the Murray River on the border between Victoria and New South Wales. It is one of the last … Read more

Backpacking vs. Campervan

Backpacking South America

For 2.5 years we wandered around Central and South America with a 40-liter backpack for me and a 50-liter backpack for Trin. After traveling all the way down to Antarctica we came “home” for a four-month visit. It has been a wonderful and relaxing four months reuniting with friends and family. For the next leg … Read more

How Travel Changes Us: Questions from our Readers

Trin on a road in the Sacred Valley Peru

Does travel change us? If so, in what ways? Today marks 628 days on the road for us and this will be blog post number 100. To celebrate this milestone we are dedicating this article to questions from our readers. To our readers, THANK YOU for every comment and all the encouragement you have given … Read more

Our Year in Review: 2017

Corn Islands

Over a year on the road and it’s been nothing like we expected but more than we had hoped for.  I count our blessings for the many wonderful people we have met and the places we have seen.  I have enjoyed sharing these experiences with you, our readers, and hope that it encourages you to … Read more

Reflections and Ramblings on One Year of Travel

Hi there.  This is Trinity.  I’m one-half of 43BlueDoors, and resident (so to speak) editor, proof-reader, and occasional writer.  Bonnie, the other half of 43BlueDoors, chief writer, editor-in-chief, and essentially my chief person, is taking a break from writing this week.  Requisite Update We are still working with the Dunamis Foundation working on odd jobs … Read more

Preparing for Nomadic Life

As we loaded up my cousin’s truck I felt a relief. The next step felt tangible.  We retired from our corporate jobs, began selling off most of our possessions and sold our home. Now we just needed to finished up some renovations and get rid of our final belongings. There is so much to do … Read more

Our Last Day At Work

6:09 AM  I awake. The slats on the window shades are already aglow with the early morning sun.  I reach out to the bedside table to retrieve my phone and check the time.  This subtle motion causes Sadie to lift her head off the floor.  I feel her Husky grey and brown eyes on me. … Read more

Sold The Last Big-Ticket Item

We finally sold the TV just a few days before we sold the house.  A 60-inch Vizio Smart HDTV.  That was the last big item among what remained of our possessions.  For a while, we considered taking it with us when we went to store our stuff at Bonnie’s parents in PA.  We were getting … Read more

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