A Broken Plain; The Grampians, Victoria, Australia

Trin standing on the ledge near Pinnacle Peak in the Grampians

The long straight road before us was lined with eucalyptus trees and golden fields on either side.  Sheep clustered under lone trees. A herd of cattle looked up as we approached and watched us intently. Trin and I simultaneously raised our hands. Waving we both said, “Hi” as if greeting old friends not seen for … Read more

The Great Ocean Road

The Twelve Apostles on The Great Ocean Road, Victoria, Australia

The Great Ocean Road is famed to be one of the most scenic coastal drives in the world. We had been looking forward to our venture along this scenic route. I wondered if it could be as good as the Kiama Coastal Walk or as scenic as the NSW South Coast. The Great Ocean Road … Read more

Winds of Change in the Islands of Victoria

Boardwalk at the Nobbies on Philip Island, VIC, Australia

As we wandered around Raymond Island gazing up into the trees at the Koalas, we couldn’t help but laugh. They look like large teddy bears, but they are not bears as the first European explorers thought, they are marsupials and carry their young in pouches. It was apparent that they were feeling the near 40ºC … Read more

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