Can You Afford to Travel to Antarctica?


In October of 2016, we bought a one-way ticket to Costa Rica to begin our life of full-time travel. Many have asked us since that time what does it cost to live on the road. On our first year of travel, we explored Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, and Ecuador. Our entire living expenses that … Read more

A Relationship with Ice

Teatoss by David Reid

Feature Image boiling water tossed at -40°C Photo Credit: Michael Davies Water brings life and it can bring death. It can rage and destroy or bring great peace. It can even create caves made of marble. But when it freezes it becomes a whole other substance, a substance with a personality. As the seasons and … Read more

Blue Ice and Antarctica

Seal on ice in Antarctica

I watched as the ship pulled away from the dock and I stood in silence as it headed back out to sea. I couldn’t talk about it for two days. Twenty-two days I spent on that ship filled with the beauty of raw nature in all her glory. I’m overwhelmed with gratitude. I have fallen … Read more

The Falkland Islands

Albatross photo by Massimo Bassano of Albatross Expeditions

Feature image photo credits to Massimo Bassano of Albatross Expeditions I used to watch StarTrek when I was a kid and would dream of exploring space beyond our galaxy. Of course, I knew it would never happen, not in my lifetime, but I thought it would be amazing. I had similar thoughts when watching documentaries … Read more

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