We are Trinity and Bonnie

Trinity was born and raised in the Philippines.  At the age of 27 he migrated to the United States with only two suitcases, a few dollars, and an employment contract that enabled him to have a successful career in IT.

Bonnie was raised in a home with little money but lots of work ethic.  She paid for her own college education working numerous jobs in order to graduate  debt free.  She ended up in an IT career even though her degree was in Counseling.  It was there that she and Trinity met.

Together we lived as frugal as our upbringing, props to our parents.   We saved much of our income until one day we realized we no longer needed to continue spending 50 to 80 hours at insanely busy corporate jobs.

Retired and Traveling

In 2016 we retired early from our corporate jobs to live our dream of traveling.  We renovated a few foreclosed homes, turned them into rental properties, and got rid of all our belongings .  If things go according to plan, our diverse investments should keep us on the road indefinitely.

Our travel is slow travel in hopes to get to know each country better and enjoy what it has to offer.  In each country we look for at least one volunteer opportunity.  While these opportunities allow us to give back a little, they also give us more insight into each country and put us in the path of some pretty awesome people that we meet along the way.

We embrace minimalism and travel with only our backpacks utilizing public transportation.  We love the freedom to just move when and where at the drop of a hat.  Occasionally as a break from traveling we house sit.  This allows us time to relax, enjoy a home and usually a few pets.  We use that time to catch up on our online activities and sometimes binge-watch a series or two that we are addicted to.

This blog is about stories from our nomadic life.  We hope that our stories provide insight into other cultures and encourage our readers to travel to new places.

Why is our blog called 43bluedoors?

We started this adventure at the age of 43.  Blue doors signify the open world of opportunities, but mostly because we used to drive a beige car with a blue door – We loved that car.

Contact us at 43bluedoors@gmail.com

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Trin and Bonnie behind a tree
Photo credit: Uly Montero

Interview by Rick Shetty,

Ricky Shetty, aka Daddy Blogger, interviewed us for his Nomadic Travel Podcast series podcast.  He asked about how we got started, how we fund our travels, and other fun stuff.


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  1. Go to Costa Rica and let me know how you like it. I love it, actually. So fun and crazy roads you won’t believe. But the people are very friendly and life is “pura vida” with fantastic views of mountains and oceans on both sides. I wish you guys all the best in your adventures and wish I was there with you. Just don’t have the cajones to do that just at this moment!

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