Top 11 Places to Visit in COLOMBIA

Colombia is twice the size of Texas.¬† Within its borders, one can find Caribbean beaches, hot deserts, a modern city of eternal spring, snowcapped mountains, rain and cloud forests, the tallest wax palms in the world, and much more.¬† On top of that, it is very inexpensive. “Isn’t it dangerous in Colombia?” is the first … Read more

The Most Beautiful Place in Colombia

Cocora Valley

As we teetered across a cable suspension bridge with missing boards and rotten connections between our feet, I held onto the cable rail and felt giddy with excitement.¬† I had been looking forward to this hike for months now.     We followed a trail leading us past verdant farmlands and beautiful foliage next to … Read more

I Ate an Ant and Flew off a Cliff in San Gil

Chicamocha Canyon

We had such a great time hanging out with Am√©liane and Iloa whom we met in Guadalupe.  We were delighted to find out that they were headed to San Gil which happens to be our next destination as well. SAN GIL, COLOMBIA San Gil is a town known for adventure sports.  It was a nice … Read more

Riding with Chickens on a Tailgate to a Hidden Gem of Colombia


I sat squeezed into¬†a truck bed equipped with tiny benches.¬† The vinyl roof was stretched over the roll bars, with the sides rolled up for airflow.¬† Our packs were strapped on top of the truck, something we generally don’t do. This time we felt comfortable with it since Trin would be standing on the open … Read more

Can a Recluse Live a Life of Travel?

As a child, I dreamed of building my own dwelling in the woods and living alone, self-sufficient off the land.¬† I like people, I really do. I love a good party and I revel in great conversations, but a part of me longs to be secluded. Time alone is important.¬†Does that make me a recluse … Read more

House Sitting, a Nomad’s Vacation

House sitting in Villa de Leyva

Something about getting on a bus headed to a place I have never been with all our belongings on our laps or in the bin overhead simply excites me. I get a giddy feeling and a goofy grin on my face.¬† However, it can also be exhausting moving constantly from place to place.¬† Sometimes it … Read more

Guatape, Colombia


Tiny cobblestone streets wind through colorful shops and homes adorned with Zocalos, painted murals depicting¬†traditional scenes.¬† The narrow streets barely wide enough for a car are mostly used by motorcycles or tuk-tuks. (Click any image above to enlarge) THE TOWN OF GUATAPE Guatape is a tourist destination for many Colombians and¬†other South Americans along with … Read more

The Undiscovered Jardin?

Overlooking the town of Jardin

Jard√≠n, Colombia only recently started to appear¬†on guidebooks like Lonely Planet. ¬†In the past, only a few travelers have blogged about it. They call it an undiscovered beautiful little town where travelers will most likely see very few gringos.¬† It promised to be an authentic experience, just a couple of hours from¬†Medellin. JARDIN TOWN CENTER … Read more

Violence and Resistance: Medellin

Museum of Memory

“In 1991 Medellin was the murder capital of the world, with a homicide rate of 381 deaths per 100,000 inhabitants.”¬† -IBD MEMORY HOUSE MUSEUM We spent almost the entire day today at the Museo Casa de la Memoria (Memory House Museum) in Medellin. ¬†I entered the unadorned, almost utilitarian building, as a curious tourist and … Read more

South Sister Beckons, Oregon

Moraine Lake glistened before us.  It was as far as we had planned to hike that day, a moderate 6.8 mile loop with a 2000 feet elevation gain.  Beyond the smooth surface of the lake, Charity beckoned.  She is the youngest and tallest of the three volcanic peaks collectively known as the Three Sisters.  She sang a song of beauty that had our feet pushing further up the path as if the pied piper himself were playing his song for us.

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