Contraband, Shopping, and The Serpent of the Andes

Viewpoint in Sucre Bolivia, shopping in Bolivia

I walked into the massive department store, stopped and looked around.  The open expanse of the room filled with shelves and racks made me feel utterly lost. I was looking for a new blouse for an upcoming meeting in New York City where I would be giving a presentation on a proposal to some executives … Read more

Bolivia Visa Made Easy for US Passport Holders

La Paz Plaza de Armas

Despite the horror stories you may have heard, getting a Bolivian tourist visa as a US citizen or an American passport holder is an easy, straightforward process. There is no need to sweat out the details, no need to agonize about what surprise requirement a border official might spring on you, and no need to … Read more

How to Travel for Less Than $5,000 a Year

Corn Island Nicaragua

October 4th, 2017 marks one year on the road for us! Before leaving the USA we researched and read many blogs to see what this venture would cost us.  We wanted to be prepared.  It can be hard to gauge what will be needed for budget travel, but we started out with a goal of spending … Read more

Budget Accommodations In Central America

Uvita Costa Rica

I heard a scratching sound, close by.  I reached for my phone under my pillow.  It was 1AM.  The scratching continued and was accompanied by the crinkling sound of a plastic bag.  I turned on the phone’s flashlight and pointed it toward the noise above our heads.   It was a large, might I say very large roach, … Read more

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