Wellsboro and the Pine Creek Valley

Pine Creek Valley Overlook with fog in the valley deep below

If you look at a map of Pennsylvania you will notice that the top center of the state seems to have very few roads. In the middle of this remote area is a little paradise called Jersey Mills. I spent seven years of my childhood in this wilderness. The population in our town back then … Read more

Tasting the Nectar of the gods; Dunmore, PA

Spacetime Mead and Cider Works; Bottles of Weeping Angel mead, nectar of the gods

After a month of house sitting in North Carolina, meeting with friends and participating in a video with Travel is Life, Trin and I headed north. We have many more friends to see before we head back out of the USA to explore new continents. One of our first stops in Pennsylvania is dear old … Read more

The Most Beautiful Place in Colombia

Cocora Valley

As we teetered across a cable suspension bridge with missing boards and rotten connections between our feet, I held onto the cable rail and felt giddy with excitement.¬† I had been looking forward to this hike for months now.     We followed a trail leading us past verdant farmlands and beautiful foliage next to … Read more

Three Months in PANAMA

As we prepared to cross the Sixaola border from Costa Rica into Panama our plan was to spend only two weeks in the country and then move on to Colombia. ¬†We heard it was expensive.¬† Many backpackers speed through Panama so there were very few stories of its beauty. Our bus approached the border to … Read more

South Sister Beckons, Oregon

Moraine Lake glistened before us.  It was as far as we had planned to hike that day, a moderate 6.8 mile loop with a 2000 feet elevation gain.  Beyond the smooth surface of the lake, Charity beckoned.  She is the youngest and tallest of the three volcanic peaks collectively known as the Three Sisters.  She sang a song of beauty that had our feet pushing further up the path as if the pied piper himself were playing his song for us.


Cost Rica has much to offer and beautiful places to see. ¬†Even though it¬†is more expensive than Nicaragua, we were still able to average a spend of only $32 a day for both of us combined.¬†¬† This includes all of our living expenses except health insurance.   The map below shows the places that we … Read more

My 5 Favorite Things In Leon, Nicaragua

Leon Street Art

Here’s a list of my favorite things in Leon, Nicaragua. ¬†We spent the entire month of December 2016¬†there to take a break from travelling. ¬†We were able to attend cultural events like La Purisima, and a Nicaraguan New Year celebration, but for the most part we just took it easy. 1. ¬†Sopa de leche Literally … Read more

Eight Great Destinations In NICARAGUA

You can live on $22 a day (for a couple) and see the country of Nicaragua. Here are eight great areas to see. Included are a few tips to save money. As rain plays music off the steel deck of our ship and droplets break the smooth waves all around us I lean back sipping … Read more

Threats And Accidents On Beautiful Ometepe

Volcano on Ometepe

The bike slid and I saw it all happen in slow motion.¬† As our bodies approached¬†the dusty rocky road surface I knew that we would lose a bit of skin. Before I could think any further, we got really intimate with the beautiful island of Ometepe, skin to gravel. OMETEPE ISLAND The island is composed … Read more

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