Wellsboro and the Pine Creek Valley

Pine Creek Valley Overlook with fog in the valley deep below

If you look at a map of Pennsylvania you will notice that the top center of the state seems to have very few roads. In the middle of this remote area is a little paradise called Jersey Mills. I spent seven years of my childhood in this wilderness. The population in our town back then … Read more

Tasting the Nectar of the gods; Dunmore, PA

Spacetime Mead and Cider Works; Bottles of Weeping Angel mead, nectar of the gods

After a month of house sitting in North Carolina, meeting with friends and participating in a video with Travel is Life, Trin and I headed north. We have many more friends to see before we head back out of the USA to explore new continents. One of our first stops in Pennsylvania is dear old … Read more

Can a Recluse Live a Life of Travel?

As a child, I dreamed of building my own dwelling in the woods and living alone, self-sufficient off the land.  I like people, I really do. I love a good party and I revel in great conversations, but a part of me longs to be secluded. Time alone is important. Does that make me a recluse … Read more

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