Monkeys in Manuel Antonio Park: Costa Rica

Manuel Antonio Park Costa Rica

We were warned that the monkeys would steal our lunch here in Manuel Antonio Park.  Turns out the coatis and racoons are just as persistent and made out with not a few sandwiches. Manuel Antonio is nestled on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica.  You can take a direct bus to the park from San Jose.  … Read more

How To Not Go Trick-Or-Treating In Leon, Nicaragua

Cathedral of Leon Nicaragua

The streets are lined with chicken buses. It seems that all of Nicaragua has converged in Leon tonight.  Vendors are on every corner selling quesillos, empanadas, maduros and all manner of small toys. This is the celebration of the conception of Mary, La Purisima. In Nicaragua, 47% of the population proclaims Catholicism and another 37% Protestant.  Leon boasts … Read more

World’s Worst Pickpocket – San Juan Del Sur

Street art in San Juan del Sur

Heat radiated from the makeshift grill standing crookedly beside the sidewalk.  The early afternoon was already hot.  On the grill was a wok of oil-boiled empanadas.  Pieces of chicken and pork lay directly on the grate next to the wok,  sizzling above the smoldering firewood.  Trin pointed to the piece he wanted and asked “cuanto … Read more

Refugio Solte: In the Jungle

Ocean water from Uvita

Read about our first week in the refugio here. The Spanish word Solté means let go.  In this refuge, you can let go of everything, including the sense of fashion as Trin did.  He has his shorts and shirt on inside out.  He is spray-painting the dining room chairs black with an air compressor. He’s been … Read more

Refugio Solte: Finding Paradise

Jungle in Uvita

It is 5am. The windows lay wide open allowing a breeze to fill the room with the fragrance of the jungle. It is already light outside but the clouds still hang low in a blanket over the top of the towering trees. The waterfall up the hill from our cabin creates a constant soothing background to … Read more

Volcanic Hot Springs, and the Hostel That Was Not

La Fortuna Hot Springs

The bus began a winding ascent into the mountains past small towns and mountain villages. Steep mountainsides boasted of beautiful farms on the grade which made me wonder how they ever plant, cultivate and harvest their crops.  Surely any tractor would tumble down the hill if it attempted even an approach to these terraces.  My … Read more

Cartago and a Legend

Cartago Costa Rica

Legend tells a tale of two brothers and the woman they loved in Cartago.  She chose and married one.  In anger, the thwarted brother killed his sibling.  In remorse for his sin, he built a cathedral for Cartago. A year later it was destroyed by an earthquake.  Numerous attempts have been made to rebuild, but … Read more

Tortuguero, a Town with No Cars

Lizard in Tortuguero Costa Rica

I’m currently in a bungalow on the Caribbean coast putting this post together on a sweltering afternoon.  My door is open and children are singing and laughing next door.  I have a fan blowing in an attempt to dry at least a few articles of clothing that I hand-washed in the sink.  In a rain … Read more

San Jose, Costa Rica: Hole in my Jaw

San José Costa Rica

It was nine months ago when Bonnie and I made the decision to sell everything and travel the world.  That was January of 2016.  We were still working in the corporate world.  We had a home and all the trappings of a comfortable life. It seems like ages ago. Since then we’ve sold our house … Read more

Utah, A Week Of Bliss

View from Angels Landing

I have a number of favorite places in the world.  All for different reasons.  Utah is one of them for its beauty and diversity of landscape.  It is simply amazing and I highly encourage all my friends to visit it. We spent a week in Utah with Uly, Xandra, and Gene.  This is the second time … Read more

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