The Mindset of Financial Independence

A bay in Washington State

Yesterday I sat with a group of about 24 people who are working towards Financial Independence. We went around the table and asked everyone why they are working towards financial independence. The overriding theme was freedom. Some wanted the freedom to have a job that was meaningful to them even if it didn’t pay much. … Read more

Can You Afford to Travel to Antarctica?


In October of 2016, we bought a one-way ticket to Costa Rica to begin our life of full-time travel. Many have asked us since that time what does it cost to live on the road. On our first year of travel, we explored Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, and Ecuador. Our entire living expenses that … Read more

Financial Independence Without Ever Writing a Budget

Trin and Bonnie in the sunset

I am financially independent and financially free. Early retirement became a reality to me at age 43, but I have a confession to make, something I’ve never actually admitted before: I have never written a personal budget. Yes, I know, I know. Isn’t that supposed to be rule #1 in Good Financial Practices 101? I’m … Read more

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