Salt of the Earth: Australia’s NSW South Coast

Bride standing among basalt lava by the Kiama coast line

Kangaroo Valley The sun had just pulled away its final rays and the night was quiet, surprisingly quiet given the number of other campers in this park. So we were startled when the entire bus began to rock back and forth accompanied by a loud sawing sound from the back of Lil’ Beaut. Trin and … Read more

The Edge of the World: North West Tasmania

Promenade by Marc and Debbie Spijkerbosh "Stepping into an artistic promenade - a journey of discovery and inspiration where natures's beauty surrounds us."

The Edge of the World lies on a rocky windswept coast and we were headed to its stormy shore. But first, we made a few stops along the way. Penguin, Tasmania Along the north coast of Tasmania is a town called Penguin, aptly named for the many penguins that nest in the area. The tuxedo-clad … Read more

Blue Ice and Antarctica

Seal on ice in Antarctica

I watched as the ship pulled away from the dock and I stood in silence as it headed back out to sea. I couldn’t talk about it for two days. Twenty-two days I spent on that ship filled with the beauty of raw nature in all her glory. I’m overwhelmed with gratitude. I have fallen … Read more

Torres del Paine W Trek

The towers of the Torres del Paine W Trek

Jagged mountain peaks line the sky, glaciers cling to the rugged landscape, streams cascade into turquoise lakes. The lakes, at times calm with a surface of mirrors, at other times breaking waves, speak of her changing moods. This is Torres del Paine National Park. A place of extreme weather and beauty that draws people from … Read more

The Enchanted Caves

Trin swimming in the crystal clear water of a cave in Brazil

The darkness closed around us like a layer of black oil, not even a little glow from a random piece of electronic equipment appeared. Nothing could be seen in any direction. The silence was complete and the air absolutely still. I found the absence of sensory distraction peaceful. I took a deep breath and relaxed, … Read more

Is This the Most Beautiful Place in the World?

Lençóis Maranhenses National Park the Most beautiful place in the world

Have you ever gazed at something so beautiful that it drove you to tears? I think we may have just been to the most beautiful place in the world. I know our world travel is still young and there are still a lot of places that we have yet to see. And even though I’ve … Read more

Machu Picchu: What the Guidebooks Don’t Tell You

Machu Picchu

We awoke before the alarm rang and hurriedly prepared our small daypack with food and clothes for the next couple days. Our big packs would be left behind in Cusco for this adventure. We were supposed to leave Cusco, Peru at 7 AM to be followed by a six-hour bus ride to hydroelectrica. Our guide … Read more

Aww-Dorable Sea Lions and Sharks in Galapagos

Galapagos Seal Lions

When someone yells, Shark! while swimming, normally people get out of the water.  So I had to laugh at the irony when, while snorkeling, I saw a Galapagos shark under our yacht, pulled my head out of the water and yelled, Shark! so that my other shipmates could swim over and see it. Almost every day … Read more

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