She Dances on the Shores of Chiloe, Chile

The clear waters off Chiloe Chile

Claudio leaned far over the bow of the ship. The mist was so thick that he could barely see the shore. The cold dampness was held at bay by the thick wool of his chamanto. There! For just a moment he thought he caught a glimpse of her flowing, blonde hair as she danced. And … Read more

Gazing into a Galaxy in Elqui Valley

The moon through the telescope in Elqui Valley

Updated 03/02/2020 Tonight I am reminded that I am a tiny speck of dust on a small mass of matter floating in a vast galaxy. I lean over the small aperture that gives me a view into worlds far beyond us. Excitement surges through me as I see the big red spot of Jupiter come … Read more

Nature’s Prison, Pisagua, Northern Chile

Pisagua in Northern Chile

“They say Humberstone used to have a summer home in Pisagua to get away from the heat,” Pedro said as he took another sip of water and placed his water bottle back in the cup holder. “Now I think only 50 to 200 people live in this town depending on the time of year you … Read more

Fog Catchers and Ghost Towns of the Desert: Examples of Resilience

Humberstone examples of resilience

The smell of old wood and rusted walls wafts lightly in the breeze. A gentle wind cools the desert air and plays an eerie song with the loose clapboards and the corroded panels of the ancient metal roof. The song seems to be the voices of lives once vibrant in this town now only inhabited by rumored ghosts. … Read more

Cycling the Driest Desert on Earth: The Atacama Desert

Atacama Lagoon

As the rising sun chased away the morning shadows, heat began to seep through our jackets and the rocks around us began to crackle. We stood on a river of fine sand. The canyon wall to our left now in full sunlight seemed to be playing the music of the dawn, clicking and clacking like … Read more

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