Cost Rica has much to offer and beautiful places to see.  Even though it is more expensive than Nicaragua, we were still able to average a spend of only $32 a day for both of us combined.   This includes all of our living expenses except health insurance.   The map below shows the places that we … Read more

Swimming A Canyon And The Man Some Call Crazy

Stone carvings

Some say he is crazy, others say he is wise.  He is a hermit known as the “rock man” and we were going to make a trek into the jungle to meet him. We navigated the busy bus terminal of Leon, located north of the town in a densely packed market.  The street was filled with vendors … Read more

How To Hand Wash Clothes NICA Style In 5 Steps

Clothes line

Strong gusts of wind are swirling through Leon today.  Mangoes blown out from the trees hit the metal roof with a loud bang and tumble noisily down into our yard.  They are almost as loud as the cats at night running from rooftop to rooftop, sometimes squabbling, occasionally falling through into the homes below. My mom … Read more

On The Edge Of The Abyss: Telica Volcano

Volcan Telica at dusk

I turned over on the grass to lay on my back.  The moon had disappeared beyond the horizon and the wind had cleared an opening in the cloudy sky revealing a canopy of millions of stars. I could hear the next gust of wind headed toward us from far away like a winged night creature bursting by, then I listened … Read more

‘Twas A Bloody Day, The Week Before Christmas

Leon Street

Are the looks different this morning from others on the street as I pass? Are the locals looking at me differently this morning as I walk the streets of Leon?  Or is it just my imagination after the news this morning.  The same courtesy still exists – the slight move of a stranger to the side … Read more

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