Motorcycle Adventures by Toby Richardson

Toby Richardson Adventure Riding in Peru

Foreword by Bonnie Truax In March we found ourselves scrambling for a location to shelter in place. Every lifestyle has its pros and cons. The biggest benefit of being a nomad is the freedom to pursue the adventure of exploring the world. The downside of being a nomad is that when a pandemic hits and … Read more

8 Great PERU Treks and Places to Explore

Snow Capped mountain: Peru Treks

We loved Peru.  We did not want to leave our comfortable country home out in the middle of Sacred Valley.  It was relaxing, and our host treated us like family, but our 90-day tourist visa was about to run out so it was time to move on. Peru has amazing landscapes, a rich culture, and … Read more

Day-Tripping in the Sacred Valley

Mountains of the Sacred Valley

Walking around the little pueblos in Latin America, it is not uncommon to encounter dogs on the streets and alleyways.  They are pretty much everywhere, and occasionally, they can be very mean. As it were, one day, Trin and I encountered a dog while we were walking along the footpaths of Yanahuara, a tiny village … Read more

“The Incas Planted Water”

Ancient Inca Ruins of Machu Picchu

Did you just utter an incredulous “What?” Or raise your eyebrow and say, “The Incas planted water? Yeah right.”  Yes, I thought the same thing.  I held a straight face as our host told us of the marvel of the Incas. Inwardly, I wondered about this legend and the story behind it.  As the story … Read more

Machu Picchu: What the Guidebooks Don’t Tell You

Machu Picchu

We awoke before the alarm rang and hurriedly prepared our small daypack with food and clothes for the next couple days. Our big packs would be left behind in Cusco for this adventure. We were supposed to leave Cusco, Peru at 7 AM to be followed by a six-hour bus ride to hydroelectrica. Our guide … Read more

Christmas in Lima, Peru

Lima Peru

‘Twas the night before Christmas and all through the streets every horn was honking, even the geese HOW TO KNOW WHEN TO HONK YOUR HORN IN PERU If someone is backing up and might hit your car If someone in front of you slows down for a red light If you see a gringo on … Read more

Three Options to Travel by Bus from Cuenca to Peru

Cajas National

Updated: Dec, 7th 2019 Need to travel to Peru from Cuenca, Ecuador?  Here are three options if you want to take a bus from Cuenca to Peru (Mancora, Piura, or Chiclayo), with departure times and ticket prices. All three options begin from Cuenca’s Terminal Terrestre, located at the west end of Ave. España. From our … Read more

Into Thin Air: Santa Cruz Trek

Santa Cruz pass

The Santa Cruz Trek is a 50-kilometer long circuit that cuts through the towering snow-capped Cordillera Blanca mountains located in the Andes.  The ascent tops out at 4,750 meters (15,600 feet) as it crosses the Punta Union pass.   CAN I DO THE SANTA CRUZ? I questioned my ability to do the Santa Cruz Trek.  … Read more

First Glimpse of Peru

Peru beach

Huanchaco, Peru, where the desert meets the sea, and the dry breeze cools the skin while the sun warms the soul. We took the overnight bus from Cuenca, Ecuador to Chiclayo, Peru. In the early hours, I awoke. Moving the window curtain aside, I peered out to take in my first glimpse of Peru. The … Read more

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