Should You Add Brazil to Your Bucket List?

Chapada Diamantina top five places to visit in Brazil

We were warned about the danger and the chances that we would be robbed, stabbed, or shot. Before we crossed over into Brazil, I took off my necklace and locked my purse away in my backpack. We would take extra precautions, follow some safety tips and did not carry or wear anything visibly that might … Read more

Waterfalls that Fly in Chapada Diamantina

View in Chapada Diamantina from the highest point in the park

It is a desert. At first glance, one may be impressed by the flat-topped mountains that surround the valleys but there is so much more. It is in the exploration of this area, in the details, in the hidden-away caves and waterfalls that fly, or in the beautifully carved stones of the rivers, smooth and … Read more

The Enchanted Caves

Trin swimming in the crystal clear water of a cave in Brazil

The darkness closed around us like a layer of black oil, not even a little glow from a random piece of electronic equipment appeared. Nothing could be seen in any direction. The silence was complete and the air absolutely still. I found the absence of sensory distraction peaceful. I took a deep breath and relaxed, … Read more

Pink Dolphins of the Amazon Jungle & Tips for Your Own Adventure

Rainbow in the Amazon Jungle

Pink Dolphins may sound like a mythical creature but they indeed exist in freshwater rivers. Spotting pink dolphins was on my list of things to see while on our Amazon jungle tour. I had no interest in swimming with dolphins in captivity so I would take my chances and hope to see one in the … Read more

When the Guy with the Machete says RUN, in Amazon Brazil

Pipe like fungus growing on a log in Amazon Brazil

Amazon Brazil – I wake to a sound just on the other side of the screen next to me. The mosquito net is still tucked in under the mattress all around us. The white netting flutters slightly with the rhythm of the fan. I hear the noise again, the trees above us seem to be … Read more

Piranha Encounters: Amazon Tours Part One

Patrick in the leaky canoe, Amazon tours

He slowly unrolled the snakeskin and kept going as he walked past me still unrolling the scaly leather.  It was massive to my five-year-old eyes. “This was the skin of an anaconda that ate my dog,” he said. “The anaconda went back to the water and tried to eat a large caiman for the second course … Read more

Can You Travel Safety in Brazil? Three Cities and Three Travel Safety Tips

Street art in Belem on the side of two buildings for travel safety tips

Manaus on the Rio Negro I stepped around a dog sleeping in the shade and then weaved my way through the carts lining the sidewalk. Each cart was filled with trinkets, fish, meat or other various food and wares.  Each was covered with a large umbrella that shielded them from the merciless, equatorial sun. I … Read more

Is This the Most Beautiful Place in the World?

Lençóis Maranhenses National Park the Most beautiful place in the world

Have you ever gazed at something so beautiful that it drove you to tears? I think we may have just been to the most beautiful place in the world. I know our world travel is still young and there are still a lot of places that we have yet to see. And even though I’ve … Read more

Hiking and Biking in Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janiero from Sugar Loaf

Rio De Janeiro is such a beautiful city and the people are so friendly that it is easy to forget or deny its high crime rate. But the number of incidents and news reports keep us on our toes and vigilant of our surroundings. We left the favela where we spent five relaxing days and … Read more

How We Ended up in a Rio Slum for Five Days

The Vidigal Favela

The pit bull that guards this house was once owned by a local drug lord, so they all know him and will give anyone who is walking him a pass. Helpful information when renting a place in a shanty town, but I’m jumping ahead. A Rio de Janeiro Favela Rio de Janeiro is ranked as … Read more

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