A Demon in the Mine: Bolivia Tourism

Cave in Torotoro for Boliva tourism

Tinku is the art of ritual mayhem and is a yearly celebration in Bolivia. The only form of Tinku I had ever heard of before entering Bolivia was from the movie The Purge. The movie explores what it would be like to have one night per year of complete lawlessness where any crime is allowed. Tinku … Read more

What a Tour Through the Uyuni Salt Flats is Really Like

Uyuni Salt Flats

The wind was howling through the drafty room. The single 15-watt light bulb dangling from the ceiling by its wire had been turned off an hour ago. There was no heat. We were at 15,000 feet and I was freezing even under the weight of four thick blankets. Every muscle in my body was shivering … Read more

Why the Largest Collection of Dinosaur Footprints May Soon Be Gone

Dinosaur in Sucre, dinosaur footprints

Just outside of Sucre, Bolivia lies the largest collection of dinosaur footprints in the world. Over 10,000 dinosaur tracks have been found in one location, the Cal Orcko site. These prints include a 347-meter trail left by a baby T-Rex to whom they have posthumously awarded the moniker  “Johnny Walker.” While we were in Torotoro, Bolivia, … Read more

Living Frugally as a Vagabond

Box Canyon in Utah

I thought about naming this article “How to save money by putting a water bottle in your underwear” but then thought better.  It’s a good tip though, and I will share that with you shortly (pun intended). This article was originally published on Your Money Geek as a guest post by Bonnie, half of the 43BlueDoors team. … Read more

Contraband, Shopping, and The Serpent of the Andes

Viewpoint in Sucre Bolivia, shopping in Bolivia

I walked into the massive department store, stopped and looked around.  The open expanse of the room filled with shelves and racks made me feel utterly lost. I was looking for a new blouse for an upcoming meeting in New York City where I would be giving a presentation on a proposal to some executives … Read more

Best Podcasts for When You are Stuck in Bolivia

Trin looking into the Torotoro Valley

What does a nomad stuck in a house in the middle of Bolivia, with a spouse on bed rest do? Go to the market and listen to the best podcasts ever!  If you came to this page only looking for the best podcasts – scroll to the bottom. They are worth the scroll. DAILY MARKET … Read more

Dinosaurs and a Walk in the Past: Torotoro

View of Torotoro Valley

We stood at the top of a cliff in the middle of Torotoro National Park mesmerized by the waterfall tumbling over the side. We had used a rope to navigate over the smooth steep rock surface to the edge of the water. Our guide turned to us and said that we could go into the … Read more

Bolivia Visa Made Easy for US Passport Holders

La Paz Plaza de Armas

Despite the horror stories you may have heard, getting a Bolivian tourist visa as a US citizen or an American passport holder is an easy, straightforward process. There is no need to sweat out the details, no need to agonize about what surprise requirement a border official might spring on you, and no need to … Read more

City in the Sky and its Dark Secrets

La Paz, City in the sky

La Paz, the capital of Bolivia, is the highest capital city in the world. It rests at an altitude of 12,000 feet (3,640 meters) above sea level. Yet, it is still in a valley surrounded by rugged topped mountains. We did not want to leave our little country home in the Sacred Valley in Peru but we … Read more

Flying Down Death Road, The World’s Most Dangerous Road

Death Road and a waterfall

Thousands have died here on this narrow dirt road: people in buses, trucks, cars and even bicycles. “You must be very careful. The first hour will be the most dangerous,” warned our guide. Little did we know that within our small group, not everyone would reach the end quite exactly the same. We were all … Read more

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