Is Siquijor Enchanted?

Waterfall in Siquijor, Phillipines

While growing up in the Philippines, Trin never traveled to the island of Siquijor [pronounced as “See-Kee-Hor“]. This 327 square kilometer (126 sq mi) island was known as the island of witches and voodoo-like practices. The phrase “Horror sa Siquijor” was popular. TV shows furthered the legends of otherworldly creatures and malicious mangkukulam (voodoo witches) that roamed the … Read more

The Rice Terraces of Ifugao

Trin standing on the edge of an irrigation canal in Banaue Philippines

Steam rises from my tea as I gaze out over ancient rice fields, terraces carved into the dramatic landscape of Ifugao, a mountainous province north of Manila in the Philippines. These ancient rice terraces are believed to be between 2,000 to 6,000 years ago. Many of them are still in use.   Roosters crow to the … Read more

Backpacking in Puerto Galera

Trin sitting on White Beach in Puerto Galera

I thought we were done backpacking for a while. When we left South America we were both ready for a change. We loved almost every bit of our travels there and felt that backpacking was the most inexpensive and easiest way to do it. But we were done with backpacking for a while Australia was … Read more

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