An Interview with Albatros Expeditions

Leopard Seal next to an expedition boat

I was so impressed with the expedition team from Albatros Expeditions on my trip to the Falklands, South Georgia, and Antarctica. They are a diverse group with amazing backgrounds. I mean David Reid, one of the guides on my trip, is currently doing a 40-day unsupported expedition through the Arctic! So I was very excited … Read more

Where is Home?

Trin walking along a sand pool in Lencois Maranhenses

I’m at a party meeting new people hoping they don’t ask me, but I know it is inevitable. We engage in small talk. Someone says something funny, we all laugh. And then someone asks me the question that is supposed to be simple, yet I don’t know how to answer. “Where are you from?“ I’ve … Read more

Chasing Away Anxiety by Writing

Sacred Valley Peru, learning the benefits of writing

At some point on our journey of traveling the world at a slow pace, I found another unexpected passion: writing. Writing began for me as a way to keep my friends and family updated on life as we would be away from all of them for a great length of time. Trin and I decided … Read more

Trip Through Texas And New Mexico

From Midland Texas where we visited my cousins Kevin and Michelle we still had another 10 hours on the road before arriving at Trin’s brother’s house in Phoenix. We decided to break it up with a tour of Carlsbad Caverns National Park in New Mexico and a stop by my old stomping grounds in El … Read more

Long Lost Cousins

The last time I saw my cousin Kevin was in El Paso, TX. He and his family (his father and his four other siblings) lived with us for a bit while they were getting reestablished in TX after their move from NY.  They were going through some difficult times, so my mom and dad took them … Read more

Road Trip

We pulled out of Raleigh the morning of Aug 8th. We had loaded everything we still owned into our car. The good old Subaru looked like it was ready to burst at the seams.  We stood there in the parking lot staring at the car, everything we owned packed like a futomaki.  Barely recognizable things plastered against … Read more

Renovations And Goodbyes

A month of renovations and goodbyes are almost behind us now.  Weekdays and weekends meld into one long weekend as we awake to work on the renovation of an investment property that we will rent out before leaving the area.  We are camped out on an air mattress in the living room.  We wake in … Read more

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