In This Together

Friends from around the world

We might be in this crazy pandemic together, but everyone has different circumstances that they are going through. We hear so much fear in the media and we are being bombarded with ideas on how we are supposed to feel. No one can tell someone else how they are supposed to feel.  The video below … Read more In This Together

Global Responsibility

What is our global responsibility right now? Sunset in Australia

Many of us have watched one country after another on every continent close their borders. Curfews have been imposed. are closing and gatherings are being restricted to small numbers. In some places, a printed form with the reason for leaving one’s home is required.  The US government has sent a notice informing us to come … Read more Global Responsibility

Backpacking vs. Campervan

Backpacking South America

For 2.5 years we wandered around Central and South America with a 40-liter backpack for me and a 50-liter backpack for Trin. After traveling all the way down to Antarctica we came “home” for a four-month visit. It has been a wonderful and relaxing four months reuniting with friends and family. For the next leg … Read more Backpacking vs. Campervan

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