Life on the Streets in Ecuador

Quito Street, life on the street

Seventeen Years Ago The cold night air seemed to reach to the bone and the boy’s entire body shivers.  He shifts the cardboard underneath him. It does little to keep the night chill, in a city at 8,000 feet above sea level, from encompassing him. He watches as his breath, a frozen white mist, dissipates … Read more

Support Freedom for Young Girls

Safe House at Dunamis

We write to bring the beauty of the world to your doorstep. We invite you on this journey with us without you ever leaving your home (though we encourage you to go out there). Our hope is that the beauty of the world enhances your wonder of this great planet. It is also our desire … Read more

Guerrillas on a Dark Foggy Night: A Nightmare Remembered


The fire crackles behind me. It is chilly and the night is dark and quiet. Light emanates from the TV in front of us playing Iron Man in Spanish. Boris, Trin, and I are sitting in the living room of Boris’ house unwinding from a busy day. “What was one of your scariest nights when … Read more

Betrayal and Slavery, Human Trafficking

Human Trafficking in Ecuador

This may be a strange topic for a nomad.  Given the traveling lifestyle we have adopted, the fact that freedom is something I truly cherish should be of no surprise. There are so many things that can enslave us: dictators, debt, false beliefs or even marriage. I have spent years cutting one chain at a … Read more

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