How to Travel for Less Than $5,000 a Year

Corn Island Nicaragua

October 4th, 2017 marks one year on the road for us! Before leaving the USA we researched and read many blogs to see what this venture would cost us.  We wanted to be prepared.  It can be hard to gauge what will be needed for budget travel, but we started out with a goal of spending … Read more How to Travel for Less Than $5,000 a Year

Three Months in PANAMA

As we prepared to cross the Sixaola border from Costa Rica into Panama our plan was to spend only two weeks in the country and then move on to Colombia. ¬†We heard it was expensive.¬† Many backpackers speed through Panama so there were very few stories of its beauty. Our bus approached the border to … Read more Three Months in PANAMA

Swimming with Sharks in Coiba

Coiba diving

I was¬†90 feet (27 meters) underwater and struggling to pull air in through my regulator.¬† I told myself to calm down. I knew my anxiety was the contributing issue.¬† People die from letting fear take over.¬† I knew I needed to fight this fear and I wanted to conquer it…. Click the title to read more

Cabalgata in Boquete

Cabalgata in Panama

The day of Roger’s cabalgata was blessed with beautiful sunshine. Over 85 horses clopped through the stable’s pathway. There we had setup bails of hay,¬†chairs, and tables for the revelers to hang out while waiting for the start of the ride. GOTTA CABALGATA A cabalgata, which literally translates to cavalcade, is a popular way of … Read more Cabalgata in Boquete

Murder at the Finca

Ducks on a pond

WARNING!¬† This post contains graphic content. I was sitting there quietly working on my book¬†in the¬†afternoon in my favorite spot when Vidal, the stableman, appeared on the sidewalk, Trin walking behind him. “There’s been a murder,” Trin said in such a dramatic tone that I almost expected to hear the Law and Order signature double … Read more Murder at the Finca

Surgery in David, Panama

David Panama hospital

I kept my eyes on the tile floor as I was wheeled toward the x-ray room. ¬†I was in a wheelchair in a flimsy hospital gown, the kind that sort of closes in the back, barely. ¬†I‚Äôm sure there are a lot of considerations in the gown‚Äôs design, but there has to be a better … Read more Surgery in David, Panama

Our 10th Year Anniversary Started with a Bang, Literally


It was early evening and we had just started heading¬†out on the long driveway out of the property when across the headlights of the Ford Escort ran a tiny white furry blur. ¬†Roger stomped on the brakes and the car skidded to a stop on the crunchy gravel road. He backed up to where the … Read more Our 10th Year Anniversary Started with a Bang, Literally

Budget Accommodations In Central America

Uvita Costa Rica

I heard a scratching sound, close by.¬† I reached for my¬†phone under my pillow.¬† It was 1AM.¬† The scratching continued and was accompanied by the crinkling sound of a plastic bag.¬† I turned on the phone’s¬†flashlight and pointed it toward the noise above our heads.¬†¬† It was a large, might I say very large roach, … Read more Budget Accommodations In Central America

A Dark Turn

They say some things are¬†better¬†left buried. I have often thought about writing a book about breaking free from my previous marriage that was wrought with abuse.¬†¬†The book would delve into¬†what it¬†took to break away from the religious legalism that kept me there for so long.¬†¬†Everyone goes through struggles in life and mine are no more … Read more A Dark Turn

I’ve Fallen in Love Again, Boquete Panama

Center of Boquete

BOQUETE, PANAMA The hooves of the horse under me made a rhythmic clop and pine needles shuffled below us.  Mist covered the valley in the distance.  The mountains were lush with their shades of green.  A breeze caressed my skin and the smell of pine filled me with pleasure.  This mountain in Panama is capturing my heart … Read more I’ve Fallen in Love Again, Boquete Panama

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