Swimming A Canyon And The Man Some Call Crazy

Stone carvings

Some say he is crazy, others say he is wise.¬† He is a hermit known as the “rock man” and we were going to make a trek into the jungle to meet him. We navigated the busy bus¬†terminal of Leon, located north of the town in a densely packed market. ¬†The street was¬†filled with vendors … Read more

How To Hand Wash Clothes NICA Style In 5 Steps

Clothes line

Strong gusts of wind are swirling through Leon today.¬† Mangoes blown out from¬†the trees hit the metal roof with a loud bang and tumble noisily down into our yard.¬† They are almost as loud as the cats at night running from rooftop to rooftop, sometimes squabbling, occasionally falling through into the homes below. My mom … Read more

On The Edge Of The Abyss: Telica Volcano

Volcan Telica at dusk

I turned over on the grass to lay on my back. ¬†The moon had disappeared beyond the horizon and the wind had cleared an opening in the cloudy sky revealing a canopy of millions of stars. I could hear the next¬†gust of wind headed¬†toward us¬†from far away¬†like a winged¬†night creature bursting by, then I listened … Read more

They Burned Him At Midnight

Trin with Leon Viejos

When you see them running toward you, turn around and run.   Our New Year’s Eve began with a dinner cooked by Trinity for Manuel and Rome.¬† They own and run the¬†hostel where we are staying.¬† They are a very kind, quiet couple who care about the people who stay here, especially when¬†our friend was … Read more

‘Twas A Bloody Day, The Week Before Christmas

Leon Street

Are the looks different this morning from others on the street as¬†I pass? Are the locals looking at me differently this morning as I walk the streets of Leon? ¬†Or is it just my imagination after the news this morning.¬† The same courtesy still exists – the slight move of a stranger to the side … Read more

How To Not Go Trick-Or-Treating In Leon, Nicaragua

Cathedral of Leon Nicaragua

The streets are¬†lined with chicken buses.¬†It seems that all of Nicaragua has converged in Leon tonight.¬† Vendors are¬†on every corner selling quesillos, empanadas, maduros and all manner of small toys. This is the celebration of the conception of Mary, La Purisima. In Nicaragua, 47% of the population proclaims Catholicism and another 37% Protestant.¬† Leon boasts … Read more

World’s Worst Pickpocket – San Juan Del Sur

Street art in San Juan del Sur

Heat radiated from the makeshift grill standing crookedly beside the sidewalk. ¬†The early afternoon was already hot. ¬†On the grill was a wok of oil-boiled empanadas. ¬†Pieces of chicken and pork lay directly on the grate next to the wok, ¬†sizzling above the smoldering firewood.¬† Trin pointed to the piece he wanted and asked “cuanto … Read more

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