White Sand Beaches and Cerulean Blue Waters: Esperance

Observation Point on The Great Ocean Road near Esperance

We pulled Lil’ Beaut up to the sand and sat there. And stared. Moments went by without measure. Pure white sand lay brilliantly illuminated by the sun on the expansive beach. The brilliance extended far out into the water. Crystal clear waves lapped gently on the shore. Where the gentle slope reached down into the … Read more

The Long Desolate Road Across the Nullarbor

A view from the Nullarbor road

Two roads converge into one seemingly endless stretch of bitumen that connects the east to the west across the bottom of the continent of Australia. One road with no intersections, no mountains to climb, no major curves for 1,203 km (748 miles). That’s longer than the drive from Washington DC to Florida. NEW FEATURE! Listen to … Read more

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