Crocodiles and crystalline waters: Darwin to Litchfield

Tolmer Falls, a long drop waterfall into a plunge pool surrounded by cliffs

Litchfield National park is filled with plunge pools, spring-fed streams, waterfalls, and rock holes. The many hiking trails lead through rugged landscape, sandstone escarpments and monsoon rain forests. We spent two full days in the park. We *free camped just outside the park on our first morning to get an early start. Our first stop … Read more

Crocodiles in caves and gorges: Tunnel Creek & Windjana Gorge

The center of Tunnel Cave where the roof has caved in allowing light to shine on the walls and water.

“There’s a baby croc over there,” said the lady sitting on a rock in the opening of the cave. She pointed to the far wall of the cave. I looked over and saw the slender, motionless body of a baby crocodile resting just below the surface of the water, his nose and eyes protruding above … Read more

A Bed of Jasper: Marble Bar

Trin sitting on tons of Jasper

I’m fascinated by the comfort that water brings. Its life-sustaining power is so simple, so soothing. Especially as I sit here by a slow-moving deep river in the middle of an arid desert just outside of Marble Bar.  From Port Hedland we turned inland to see what we could see in Marble Bar. There did … Read more

Karijini National Park

Trin standing on the trail leading to the top of Mount Bruce looking over the red landscape of Karijini National Park.

Karijini National Park is one of Western Australia’s top tourist destinations. After seeing pictures of the narrow trails to hidden pools and scrambles through gorges I added it to our bucket list.  Getting to Karijini Swimming with whale sharks along the Ningaloo reef was amazing, but it was time to move on. We pointed Lil’ … Read more

Swimming with Whale Sharks In Ningaloo Reef

Bonnie swimming with a whale shark along the Ningaloo reef

I slid off the back of the boat and into the deep blue ocean water. During the first few moments as I plunged beneath the surface only the bubbles from my descent were visible. When they cleared I saw a large shape in front of me. Within seconds a mouth as wide as the length … Read more

The Microscopic Jungle in Western Australia

The shorline of Lake Clifton filled with Thrombolites

From the boardwalk, I observed the strangest shoreline yet. Rounded mounds dotted the shallows breaking just above the waterline. As the lake grew deeper these mounds extended further under the water’s surface. What appeared to be perfectly shaped rocks were actually something alive. Australia has fascinated me since my first morning when I woke to … Read more

The Pinnacles & Lesueur National Park

Pinnacles of sandstone stand in a desert of reddish sand

A little over two hours north of Perth is the Pinnacles desert, a desert unlike any other I have traversed. It is not just hot, dry, and sandy like many other deserts. There are spires that stand straight dotting the landscape like pins in a pincushion. The Pinnacles look like stalagmites without a cave. The … Read more

Motorcycle Adventures by Toby Richardson

Toby Richardson Adventure Riding in Peru

Foreword by Bonnie Truax In March we found ourselves scrambling for a location to shelter in place. Every lifestyle has its pros and cons. The biggest benefit of being a nomad is the freedom to pursue the adventure of exploring the world. The downside of being a nomad is that when a pandemic hits and … Read more

Lockdown in 118 square Feet

A dirt road in Burekup Western Australia

During the shelter-in-place order, we spent sixty-three days in a 118 sq.- foot home. That is about 155 times smaller than the last home we owned and lived in North Carolina before retiring from corporate. Yet it feels like a luxury. Luxury: a state of great comfort or elegance To me luxury is something I … Read more

In This Together

Friends from around the world

We might be in this crazy pandemic together, but everyone has different circumstances that they are going through. We hear so much fear in the media and we are being bombarded with ideas on how we are supposed to feel. No one can tell someone else how they are supposed to feel.  The video below … Read more

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