Our first year of blogging was truly just for fun. It has been a place to share our adventures with our friends and family.  It is a place for us to keep memories of our experiences in each country and provide a few tips to other backpackers along the way. At the end of 2017, we were moved by the stories of girls we met who had been rescued from human trafficking.

Why monetize the blog?

Our time with the Dunamis Foundation who provides a safe place and a learning environment for rescued girls leaves me with the desire to help even more.  100% of our net proceeds from this blog will be donated to helping girls rescued from slavery, often from sex trade.  I am blessed to have the freedom to travel.  My hope is to give some freedom to these girls as well.

What does this mean for you?

First, our blog’s URL has changed and no longer contain “wordpress”  It is now shorter and easier to find:  If you try to reach our old site, you will be redirected to the new site.  However if you have our site personally bookmarked, please update your bookmark.

Secondly, it allows you fight sex and labor trafficking by supporting the Dunamis Foundation without spending any extra money!  If you use our Amazon affiliate link, 43BlueDoors will receive a small commission on anything you purchase.  There will be no additional cost to you!  Then 100% of the *net proceeds will go to the Dunamis foundation.

Shop on Amazon through this link! You can help give freedom to young girls while shopping!



By clicking on the link above and shopping from the page that opens anything your purchase (minus a few excluded items) will help support these young girls. You do not have to purchase the initial product shown. You will not be charged anything extra.


Cover photo:  The new safe house at the Dunamis Foundation for girls rescued from human trafficking.

*Net Proceeds:  Current operating costs only include hosting and redirect fees, currently $46 for year one.  Any commissions beyond that cost will go to the Dunamis Foundation.



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*Purchases through links on our site provide a small commission to 43BlueDoors. All net proceeds are donated to supporting freedom for young girls rescued from human trafficking
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