How This Blog Supports Freedom, and How You Can Help

The Holiday Season is here! With the holidays is also a season of shopping. While I encourage everyone to be fiscally responsible we all still often buy gifts and/or travel.

Did you know that you can fight human trafficking while shopping online? It’s easy, use the link on this page.

You may be wondering how a blog even makes money, what affiliate marketing is and how it works.  How can just writing content on the internet earn money to support a cause?

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is basically being paid to advertise. Companies pay for billboards, TV ads, and multiple other marketing avenues to get the word out about their products. Marketing on a blog is no different.

As a blogger, I can choose the items that I would like to market. In turn, companies also choose what sites they want their ads to appear. They all have different standards, some businesses may accept any affiliate request, others have specific standards such as the size of the platform they would be marketed on. It’s a two-way street.

How Does Affiliate Marketing Work

Some affiliates like AdSense pay the website for every ad that readers click on (I currently don’t use AdSense). Others pay a commission, each having different rules and amounts based on the products being sold.

I’ve listed below the affiliate engagements we are a part of with a bit of information about how they work. You can participate without spending an extra dime.

Safe House at Dunamis
Safe House at Dunamis for young girls rescued from human trafficking

How does shopping here support freedom?

Currently, 43BlueDoors is an affiliate for a few marketers. If you, our readers, click on one of our affiliate links and purchase a product, 43BlueDoors receives a commission on those products. All net proceeds produced by the 43BlueDoors site are donated to charities that fight human trafficking.

How Amazon Affiliation works

If you click on any Amazon link within the 43BlueDoors website and purchase something in that session within 24 hours (even if it is not the product advertised on our site) then 43BlueDoors receives a small percentage of the purchase.

Using these links does not increase your cost nor does it reduce the proceeds going to the seller. This commission comes from the cut that takes from each sale no matter where it came from. Pretty cool right?

In other words when you make your weekly/monthly Amazon purchase if you use one of these links to get to you can fight human trafficking with only a few extra clicks.

FYI, you can’t bookmark the Amazon link itself as the purchase has to take place within 24 hours. You can, however, bookmark this page and reuse the links below as often as you would like.


Amazon Affiliation

As affiliates, we have access to sales and promotion codes that we can offer you. Some of these expire soon!  Check them out.

Other items like these three below pay a commission to 43BlueDoors even if you only sign up for the free trial.

Lodging Affiliates

Over the last two years, at least 50% of our nights have been spent in Airbnbs. It’s obvious we are a fan. We save a lot of money by using them. We also occasionally use

  • Airbnb: Provides a signup bonus. You get $40 towards your first stay and 43Bluedoors gets $20 after your first booking (new Airbnb sign-ups only).
  • Provides a signup bonus. If you make a booking for at least $40 you then get a $20 credit, 43BlueDoors also receives a $20 credit.
  • SnapStays is a fairly new platform that helps travelers find furnished lodging for mid term to long term stay with superior Wi-Fi access. This is a great option for digital nomads.

Travel Affiliate

You work hard, very hard and barely have time to even plan your own vacation, yet you know you need to get away.  Maybe you don’t have enough vacation days to take a trip to Bali or Machu Pichu? What if you took a few days off and worked remotely in one of these stunning locations instead?  Then you get to experience the exotic places without taking too much time off – plus you get to meet other travelers!

But logistics can be a problem. You don’t have time to plan.  What about Wi-Fi? If you are working remotely a good internet connection is imperative! Let Unsettled do all that for you!

  • Bali: Can’t get away from work? What if you could work in Bali for two weeks or even a month if your boss will let you work remotely that long.
  • Peru: Have you ever dreamed of exploring Peru and the Sacred Valley? Do you know what it is like to stand on the top of a mountain and see Macchu Picchu for the first time?  What if you could spend a month in Peru and have all the travel, lodging and other needs figured out for you?
  • Medellin, Colombia: Stay for a month in the beautiful city of Medellin (one of our favorite cities in South America) and have Unsettled figure out all the logistics for you – including high-speed internet.

43BlueDoors is an affiliate for Unsettled.  If you book one of these trips listed above we receive a commission, all of which goes towards fighting human trafficking.  What are you waiting for?  Go to Bali!  🙂

Corn Island

Blogging Affiliations

In the blogging world, there are a number of tools that have become important to us.  The first is hosting. There are many web hosting companies but not all are the same and the prices can vary drastically.

When I was first researching where to host 43BlueDoors it seemed that every blogger had a page called “How to start a blog” and an overwhelming majority suggested Bluehost. So guess what? We went with Bluehost.

Trin on typewriter for travel apps

This is what I found out since. Bluehost pays a sizeable commission for every new sign up. Additionally, they offered to increase the commission if I were to write a “How to start a blog” post.  Keep that in mind when choosing what hosting solution you want to go with.

If you want to start a blog you can begin free with However, to add any affiliate marketing you will need to purchase your domain and move to a paid hosting solution like Bluehost, SiteGround, GoDaddy, or one of many others.

  • Bluehost: It’s a good place to start. Good introductory price and reasonable speed. The customer service is responsive, with some areas for improvement. Although there were a couple of times when it was frustrating they ultimately resolved the issues. I’ve heard people say that their support for blogs with extra large audiences is not great. I’m with Bluehost now, but will most likely upgrade to SiteGround soon. If you purchase Bluehost I do suggest only purchasing one year instead of a three-year contract. You may need to move before the end of your three years.

  • Siteground: Rated by most as having superior customer support, site speed, and support for large audiences.  This is the service I plan to move to soon.

Web Hosting

Blogging Education

I try to learn all I can for free. There is a ton of information on the internet but sometimes paying for education is worth it. My favorite introduction to SEO was created by Paul & Stephanie on their Internet Crash Courses learning platform.

Internet Crash Courses:  The mission of Internet Crash Courses is to provide as much information in as little time as possible about a particular subject to content creators. You can even try one course for free.

Paul is the owner of Travel is Life and Stephanie is the owner of Lost in Linderland. They teamed up to create Internet Crash Courses.  I follow both of them individually as well and really enjoy their content.

How our readers help us: Share and Shop

  • Use our links when shopping online. Every purchase helps fight human trafficking
  • Share our content. Share our posts on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn or whatever other social platforms you use. Each share helps increase our readership. Or just tell your friends at work.
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Note: If you click on our product links, 43BlueDoors will receive a small commission on anything you purchase within that session- at no additional cost to you. 43BlueDoors donates all net proceeds to support freedom for young girls rescued from human trafficking.

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